Bali 2017

A glimpse into the trip that changed my life…


We started our trip from SFO on January 9th, 2017. It was my first time out of the country and had no idea what I was in for. The first flight lasted 14 hours and we arrived in Singapore the next day. Singapore was absolutely breathtaking. Before the sun rose the next morning, we were off for our next flight, this time it was only 2 hours. We landed in Denpasar and were underwhelmed by the desolate airport and intense security. We had arranged for a driver to meet us at the airport and we stayed at an amazing airbnb in Canguu Airbnb Canguu  I would HIGHLY recommend you stay in Canguu for as long as possible, the sunsets on Canguu beach were gorgeous, and the restaurants and shops were amazing.

We then traveled north to Ubud, a city that has become increasingly popular since the movie Eat Pray Love was released. Ubud was lush and green, and even more amazing than the movie portrayed. We stayed at the coziest airbnb in the lush jungle and woke up to the sound monkeys each morning.

We then traveled south to Nusa Dua. We stayed at a nice resort that offered jetskis, and room service. While the hotel was comfortable, we immediately regretted not staying in a villa. We missed the cobble stone streets and scooter rides through the jungle. If you have the opportunity, I would definitely recommend staying in cheap, cozy places and experiencing the culture of Bali rather than the multitude of glamorous hotels.

We then traveled West to Ayana Resort and Spa. We were upgraded from an ocean view room to a private villa with a butler (yes, a butler). This experience was unlike any other and as amazed we were by the red carpet treatment, we still felt regret that we did not experience more time in the heart of Bali.

Our last few days were spent in Kuta. Kuta was an amazing city with clubs and beautiful beaches. We had a few wild nights in our $20 airbnb and as quickly as it began, it was over. January 23rd, 2017 was our last morning in Bali. If you have an opportunity to go, I would not pass it up. The culture, people and natural beauty will stay with you and will inspire you long after you return! XO, MW

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